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Very exciting company!

excellent service
fast service and great support

Professional handling
The handling is very professional and committed.

Muy buena Pagina y atencion recomendada


What an easy purchase and
What an easy purchase and choice. Now to watch how it works. I am excited for the year ahead.

Genesis Gold
Waiting to breakeven....

Easy money
Most efficient, easiest way to mine bitcoins and make that money! Love Genesis Mining!

Worlds Most Faithful And Trusted Bitcoin Cloud Mining Service
I Found Genesis Mining as Most Faithful And trusted Cloud service worldwide. Genesis Mining is one of the best cloud mining service I ever seen. They did and hold everything for their customer to invest their money securely and wait to get their payout within time. Genesis mining also served lifetime mining product which can helped their customer 
to invest their money once and get payout lifetime. I think this service really great. I wish to long live genesis mining.

Great Service
Great Service

we buy x11
the good company, with a long-term outlook

Simple safe BitCoin buying
I am a noobie and it was a simple way of buying. The explanation of tricks that fraudsters get up to was very interesting

so far so good,I can't complain
I've only started mining with genesis mining and I must say things are good

Excellent service from Genesis
I recently bought more has power and as always the payment was quick, easy, and clear. I have only bought hash power from Genesis and I will continue to do so as the service is great plus you guys send promo codes to my email which I really do love

Genesis - Mining I advise everyone!
Hi guys! By investing a small amount of money, I decided to see how it works? This morning I got up and looked at their balance sheets. I was surprised! It really works! And now, I plan to increase the power!
Guys! Take care of its investors! Are you pleasant to deal with! Your banner with us on the site. I advise everyone! Thank you!

Good site.
I hope to continue this forever.

Genesis Mining is a great idea for people who don't want to deal with ASIC mining hardware. Keep in mind that you do have to pay a few small fees in order for Genesis Mining to maintain their equipment, but wouldn't you have to pay for some of these things also if you mine for yourself? You have to take into consideration the amount of space, time, shipping, Internet downtime, and your own maintenance costs that you would otherwise pay. I would loose so much time with ASIC hardware. I can even choose to allocate hash power to different Altcoin! Thank you Genesis Mining!

5 Stars
So far im very happy with Genesis Mining. The service is good and the website is easy to use.

Thnx Genesis M
Im very happy to be part of GM. Finally normal and very fast mining company. Thnx so much Toni

Fast and easy
Im sedisfite with contract purchasing procedure it is very fast and easy to start.

Fast, easy and comfortable
Since my first purchase, mining with Genesis Mining was a pleasure. Transparent and easy ordering process, reliable payouts and quick response times of the service time! 10/10, would mine again!

I this service you can trust .

Smart mining!
Problem free mining, no maintenance and no Zombie problems.

Easy, straightforward process
The process of investing into cryptocoin mining is quiet easy and well explained. However, certain aspects of it can only be clarified by asking Support. Hope that Scrypt hashpower will also become available.

I just got it but I really like it

Love it, slow and steddy

Go Crypto
great intro to great returns...looking forward to adding to income being mined here at Genesis...go guys keep digging!

Simple and professional
Until now, I am very pleased by my experience with Genesis Mining. The people are very professional and work for the client, not against, as other companies do. The time response to customer's questions is fast and the answers are very well documented and really helpful. The buying process is smooth and, what I highly appreciate is the fact that each buying process is done with a written contract. There are many companies selling cloud mining, but I did not see up to now other company, except Genesis Mining, that sends you a clear contract after you buy cloud mining. Thank you, Genesis Mining!

When the mining meets the simplicity
The process of mining is quite complex for the uninitiated and most pool of mining require the installation of more or less complex software on your workstation. Genesis-mining has the advantage of allowing the participation, even as a joke, the mining of cryptocurrency without being experts of the implementation details of the process. I believe 
that simplicity is the trump card of your success and that the way to go in the future is this: allow everyone to do mining in a short time and to be able to manage the configuration with ease.

Bitcoin Mining
The only one you can trust with every day payouts to your wallet.
Please continue with the good work!

Veey glad with the service

Best investment


Honest and beautiful site I recommend investing in .genesis -mining good luck for all
Honest and beautiful site I recommend investing in .genesis -mining good luck for all

Good service
It is super. Thank you.

Mining without trouble
Easy way to be involved in mining. Detailed dashboard with lots of information. I just received my first payout today. Genesis Mining looks very promising.

Great and legit service
It was the 1st time I tried this service and it's great. Pays in time. I will invest some more money for sure

Genesis mining continues to impress
The mining facilities are excellent, the UI is easy, the payment facilities are simple and it 'just works', it's great to not have to worry about maintaining hardware or power costs. I highly recommend you give them a try.

Still the best
Seems like these guys are the only honest ones left in the cloud mining business. Highly recommended

It is great but I still need a discount for 1 THS or 1000 GHS. If you can really help me out in the future for early retirement then I will be even more satisfied and advertise your services to many people

For yet I'm very glad.

Great product!
The coins start flowing right away. If you like daily payouts you found the right company. If you don't already have a discount code you can use v7GPMu to save money

I'm recently bought Lifetime Bitcoin Contract - Gold!
Registration, letter of chief, discount, very pleased me. Payment was in good time. I will increase the presence. Successes to you!!

Good service
The service was good as advertisement.

Great easy to set up and more
Got that coinbase wallet and a alittle bit of btc gets you started after that you are mining this was easy painless and good

Good service

Great support and service
I thoroughly recommend this as a user service, quick response and very reliable.


Reliable and trustworthy
I love GM for their honesty and integrity especially now with all the scams in cloud mining. I am happy they are partnered with spondoolies, another trust worthy company with quality equipment.

Easy, reliable and profitable
My first hash-power buy ever was 2 weeks ago 1 Th/s sha256 one year subscription. Since than I am receiving regular payments that reflect ROI around 240 days. Purchased another 0.7 Th/s week later. I am entirely satisfied with easiness of purchase procedure and reliability of Genesis Mining. Looking forward to buy some script hash as well as recen tly announced T11. Long live cryptocurrencies !

The Best way to Hash
The cloud mining service allows me to earn bitcoin safely, quietly and without the super heat...NICE!

Good, but..
need more time to pay for the contract, 30 minutes is very littlе

Fantastic ease!
The site is one of the most user-friendly I have ever used. The payment option is also extremely convenient. What a pleasure!

Great BTC Mining
Genesis Mining is Win Win Solution for BTC Miners ;-)

Good job for us
İ am very glad to using your mining system, i ll buy new th packets very soon. Thanks a lot.

Genesis Mining is Great!
After losing money in fly by night cloud mining scams, I woke up and started mining with Genesis. I really like the user friendly website. Also I like the direct payments to my wallets.

My first step in mining
It's fabulous!
Now I can do mining without headache about purchasing of hardware, electricity and cooling!
And these guys have an excellent website!
Very convenient! I can see all I need!

Simply the best.
The best site of cloud mining, for me. User friendly and reliable. This is my experience.

The site is easy to use and worry free. I will definitely recommend it to my friend as a great starter for mining coins.

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