Genesis Mining bonus payout system

What is the affiliate bonus payout system Genesis Mining?

With the bonus payout system you have the option to receive Bitcoin payouts instead of earning hash power with every affiliate you generate. The value of Bitcoin bonus payouts correspond to your current affiliate rank (as do your received hashpower upgrades).

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For the bonus payout the following timeframes apply:

Contracts paid with cryptocurrencies: Will be paid out 6 days after the purchase
Contracts paid with credit card: Will be paid out 32 days after the purchase
Contracts paid with wire transfers: Will be paid out 1 day after the contract has been approved
Currently the only option for payout is in Bitcoin (BTC) and is therefore the default setting. All crypto bonus orders have a basis in USD value which will be converted to BTC value on the payout date. Any bonus will be paid out to the same wallet address that is used for your daily mining returns. If no wallet address is present all payouts will be held until one is added.

Genesis Mining The various forms of the bonus payout are specific and not interchangeable. For example, there is no possibility of exchanging a payout into a hash power upgrade and vice versa. Each requires different processing so they will remain specific to help keep the process seamless for our affiliates.

If you have any questions our team is always available to help and clarify the new program! Thanks for being amazing partners in mining and advancing Bitcoin’s success!

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